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Besides, they learn nothing about the multilingual and complicated character of the Greek nation before and during the Greek War of Independence , as well as the first decades after the official establishment of the Greek State. The revival of the Chair of Jewish Studies in the University of Thessaloniki this year, for the first time after thanks to the initiative of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki gave a light of hope.

The premises of the Foundation will be at Thessaloniki, Greece. The Board of Directors will consist of representatives of organizations and personalities.

The Foundation has to start with five main Offices to form its structure in Thessaloniki, under a general director. The offices will be stuffed by experts on the relevant subjects and will collaborate with European universities and museums. The Office will collect archive material, documentary evidence, films, photographs, and testimonies. The Office will offer seminars for school teachers and tool boxes educational material facilitating the teaching in school classrooms.

Holocaust Education at Memorial Sites: the Challenges

Office IV: Exhibitions and Restoration. The Office will produce and present exhibitions in collaboration with the other offices. The exhibitions will focus on crimes committed at national or international level on the basis of racial and religious discrimination. The Office will also look after the collections of the Museum. Besides its history, Thessaloniki was chosen to host the Foundation premises because it secures a high potential number of visitors for its exhibitions and for its history. Potential Attendance: Thessaloniki is an urban centre of 1,, residents.

There are Elementary Schools with 6, teachers and 60, students and High Schools with 4, teachers and 30, students. There are also three universities with 2, professors and 55, active students.

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The museum with the higher attendance has more than , visitors in a year the next two museums in rank have , and 80, visitors respectively. History: For five centuries 15thth Thessaloniki was the only city in Europe with a Jewish population majority. This population was almost annihilated because of the Shoah. Not only the people were deported and killed in Auschwitz, but even the synagogues, the old Jewish cemetery and rich Jewish libraries were looted. The premises will be erected in the old Jewish neighborhood named Baron-Hirsh, which is located in the western part of the city of Thessaloniki, next to the old train station, from where the Nazi deported the The lease period is 90 years, the lessee being the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki.

Financial Plan. Moreover, international Jewish organizations, Greek and International Institutions and Foundations, as well as individual donors, have expressed their intention to fund the construction and equipment cost. Analysis 1. Anti-Semitic rhetoric in Greece gains political power because of the long financial crisis Greece is a constitutional republic and multiparty parliamentary democracy, member of EU.

Educational deficiency and academic lack of interest in regard with Holocaust and Human Rights Although the Greek Ministry of Education encourages the informal educational activities on the Holocaust, Greek Primary and Secondary Education Schools in general do not include in their formal programs any lessons about Human Rights and the Holocaust. The operational structure of the Foundation The Foundation has to start with five main Offices to form its structure in Thessaloniki, under a general director.

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