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I thought Paul Newman's stomach might explode.

Um Estranho no Ninho (LEG)

Labels: Cool Hand Luke film essay. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. The gang is ruled by its top dog, a prisoner named Dragline George Kennedy.

The newcomer Luke loses little time in challenging Dragline's authority, and they have a boxing match during which Dragline beats him almost to death. It is a point of pride to Luke that he hauls himself to his feet and refuses to admit defeat, and this, we discover, will be his method throughout the movie: he can't win, but he can continue to absorb punishment indefinitely. The director, Stuart Rosenberg , working with the great cinematographer Conrad Hall , evokes the punishing heat of the location, where shirts stick to skin and dust sticks to everything.

The prisoners cut weeds, dig ditches, and tar roads--in the road job, urged on by Luke to shove gravel on fresh oil so quickly the boss can hardly keep up. Another example of taking the moral high ground by physical travail. In the bunkhouse, Dragline, respecting Luke's stubbornness in their fight, becomes Luke's biggest admirer, and the kind of dynamic is set up that we might recognize from other prison movies; character actors Robert Drivas , Luke Askew, Warren Finnerty, Dennis Hopper play assigned roles in the groups that witness and admire Luke.


The movie is "crowd-pleasing," says the critic Tim Dirks, and James Berardinelli speaks of such "comic" scenes as the one where Luke eats 50 hard-boiled eggs. I saw the movie at the time and can testify that it is crowd-pleasing, and in my review from , I wrote that Luke was "always smiling, always ready for a little fun.

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He eats 50 hard-boiled eggs on a bet and collects all the money in the camp. That Luke, he's a cool hand. Today, the egg-eating scene strikes me as all but unwatchable. The physical suffering and danger are sickening, no less so than Luke's punishment of being made to dig and fill in the same grave-shaped hole time and again. When Luke collapses on a table after eating the eggs, he takes the posture of Christ on the cross. Yes, he is a Christ-figure, and on last night of the story, in a little rural church, he addresses his Father on the subject of whether he has been forsaken.

Will he die for the sins of his fellow prisoners? That's making it too simple, I think, although at the end there is the curious eyewitness report by Dragline, who is already trying to recast the Gospel According to Luke to reflect a symbolic victory. Luke is shot dead by No Eyes, and looks stunned as it happens, but here is Dragline's revisionism: "He was smiling.

That's right.

Mark Bressor: Hero's Journey : Cool Hand Luke as anti-hero

You know, that Luke smile of his. He had it on his face right to the very end.

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This and other dialogue suggests that Dragline is more than half in love with Luke, who acted out all their dreams and desires, and even turned up, improbably with a couple of chorus girls in a magazine photo. As Dragline tells him, "Oh Luke, you wild, beautiful thing. You crazy handful of nothin'.

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Cool Hand Luke Essay Assignment

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