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Junior, 4. European Union Studies Internship Description The Program in European Studies with the Leuven Institute offers students an internship in Brussels with the European Parliament or Commission as well as up to five academic courses in Europe's culture, economics, politics, history, and law.

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While knowledge of French or Dutch is helpful to get around in Belgium, it is not required for the internship or coursework. Approximately 15 miles from Brussels, Leuven is the seat of one of the world's oldest Catholic universities, dating back to the 15th century. Peter's Cathedral, surrounded by the Old Square, acts as the town's center and provides a quaint, old European atmosphere. Accommodations Students reside in dormitories provided by the Irish College in Leuven.

The accommodations are quite large and spacious, each comprising three floors. As they completed the single market, which formally came into being in January, It strengthened the Community further, by preparing the way for economic and monetary union EMU and a single currency called the Euro. The Maastricht also added common foreign and security polices and cooperation on justice and police affairs.

The term 'European Union' is actually used to describe the wider Maastricht framework in which all these activities - old and new - take place. The implementation of the E. Individual citizens can live and work in the country of their choice, travel freely within the Union since border controls have virtually disappeared. More goods are available to people, for example French goods are as accessible as Belgium goods in Spain; as before the union more French goods might be available due to tariffs. Currently seven country's have lifted border controls they are France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and the Benelux.

The main impact of the decision is the removal of passport checks on Union citizens passing through the airports of these countries.

Italy, Greece, Denmark and Austria look likely to be the next to bring in the new freedoms,. Since currency fluctuations can block markets just as effectively as taxes and tariffs the E. For example if the German Mark is suddenly devalued in comparison to the Frank goods made in France will cost substantially more than those made in Germany.

To prevent this the Euro dollar was created it is to come into full circulation by January 1, European Union is also looking to bring the countries of Central and Eastern Europe into membership.

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So far, however, only Poland and Hungary have formally applied for membership in the Union. The balance of power between the European Union and the Member States is the main object of opposition against the Union.

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It is the center of intense debate in most countries. This is especially true in Britain where many publications have risen up against the E. Many people feel as the control of major issues should come closer to the people not further away. They feel as choices on economic development, social, programs, and crime laws should be left to the individual states. The only laws that I did not see much opposition to are for environmental protection.

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The second point of conflict against the E. Many people feel that by giving up their currency they are in fact giving up their sovereignty. This point of conflict is just becoming apparent since the plans for the Euro dollar have been postponed and seemed unreal by many people until recently. For example Germany, determined to preserve the stability of its Mark, demanded strong penalties for governments that negatively affect the value of the currency.

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Lastly Russia is afraid of the expansion of the E. Russia currently feels like it is unwanted by the European community. It is afraid that through the acceptance of the former Warsaw Pact countries it will loose even more economic ground and one day might be greatly influenced by the countries it once controlled. I feel that the E. Europe is a very diverse continent with many likes and dislikes between it's inhabitants.