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Current Archive About Subscribe. November , Volume 5 , No. Abstract I argue that everyday folk-psychological skill might best be explained in terms of the deployment of something like a model, in a specific sense drawn from recent philosophy of science. Hide Abstract. Sterelny, K. Hardcastle ed. Top of page.

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First philosopher in residence program in the Edmonton area, and taught jointly with Dr. John Simpson. Finally, I have systematic research interests in a few other areas, particularly within metaphysics and the history of modern philosophy esp. Locke , and I simply list the publications here.


Also published in E. Frankl Paul, Fred D. London: Routledge. Please contact me if you are interested in graduate work in Australia in this area or any others that I have published or worked in. My roles directing Philosophy for Children Alberta and the Living Archives on Eugenics in Western Canada over the past ten years have involved a lot of work informally mentoring students, teachers, and others through workshops, employee supervision, directed studies, and research assistantship direction. Stanford , Georg Theiner Ph. Anthropology, Chicago. I have also supervised the following thirteen graduate students to completion, all but one of whom I still have contact with:.

The critical engagement with ideas and the rigorous analysis involved in philosophical thinking has served me well in transitioning into another field and profession. I found that having pursued academic librarianship did not mean I abandoned my philosophical training. In fact, philosophy opened many intellectual doors for me, as there is always a need for a philosophical perspective on traditionally non-philosophical issues.

Studying philosophy, if nothing else, has provided me with a certain porousness — an openness to ideas, a receptivity to others, and a humbleness in one's own beliefs. Though I have long since stopped a formal study of philosophy, these skills, amongst others, have helped me both in my career as a product developer and designer, and in my day to day life.

Home page. Trained as a philosopher with background in neuroscience and biology, I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow working with brain scientists and philosophers in my native Taiwan.

Where Biology Meets Psychology

My current research focuses on philosophical issues in autism, especially those in mind and ethics. Broadly speaking, I am interested in mind, science, ethics, and metaphysics. I recommend that everyone study philosophy, regardless of their primary interests.

Perhaps more than any other discipline, philosophy improves critical thinking skills. These improved critical thinking skills allow for greater insight in all sorts of areas and can help you in your other classes, help further your career, enhance your other interests, and, perhaps most importantly, improve your participation in society.

I am a PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of Alberta. My hope was to graduate and find a job where I could be a bridge between philosophers doing interesting work and the rest of us just doing work.

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Most days I feel that I am living that dream or at least on getting closer to it. I've found that an awareness of conceptual and other issues and having techniques to help explicate and address them have been very helpful. Having a philosophical perspective also provides a view on issues that is very different than that of my colleagues, who are trained scientists and health economists. Before joining Edinburgh, I spent time completing degrees in cognitive science and philosophy in my native Canada. I am interested mostly in topics related to the philosophy of mind and cognitive science, with side interests in the philosophy of science and computing.

Philosophy, oh, you dasher of hopes, but builder of them too; you companion for life, ever loving, but brutally honest -- or rather than companion, are you just I have no idea. But philosophy sure does sharpen you up, and make you better at what you do. Please do it sometimes. Philosophy matters. But, I surmise, studying the ideas of a philosopher is not sufficient to understand why it matters. To grasp why philosophy matters, I would rather recommend trying to act in a way that is genuinely philosophical.

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Do not just learn or talk about it, let us cooperate to enact philosophy. Studying the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of science gave me the intellectual tools to save the world from killer robots.

I'd tell you more, but after reading Shashy's bio, I just Kant. I started my studies really knowing Foucault about philosophy, but i soon figured out my Engel. Married to Rosemary, also one of Rob's graduates , and dad to Noah and Sophie. Do i Socratease them with bad jokes? Don't even get me Sartred! I was trained as a biologist and ethologist in Brazil. I'm interested in the diversity of social systems and behaviors out there and in the concepts we use while studying them. In summary, I like social stuff and to explore strange new worlds. Live long, and prosper.

The Charm of Philosophical Psychology

I'm from Brazil and my background is in philosophy. In my PhD, I'm focusing on issues related to the problem of altruism in biology. Rob has been a great adviser. I think he will be crucial for my goal of getting rich and famous in a quick and easy way, which is what brought me to philosophy. Much of the teaching I have done has been with primary and secondary students and their teachers as part of my involvement in philosophy in the schools.

At the university level, I have taught in a broad range of areas, including the philosophy of mind, psychology, and cognitive science, the philosophy of biology, and the history of philosophy.

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Here are eight representative syllabi from my time at Alberta, ranging from the earliest to the most recent courses. Intermediate: Bio Psych Bio Robert A. Engaged Phil The first project in engaged philosophy focuses on philosophy in the schools , a long-standing interest that I first explored while I was still an undergraduate. Recent Stuff in press, "Preface", in Frank W. Link , with Matthew J. Link , "Eugenics and Philosophy", Oxford Bibliographies. Link , "Eugenics and Disability" with Joshua St. Link , "Wide Computationalism", Mind July , pp.

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Link , "Moving" with M. Link , "Psychology", entry for Encyc at eugenicsarchive. Link , "Externalism", in Lynn Nadel et al. Link , "Individualism", in R. Link , "Eugenics: positive vs negative", entry for Encyc at eugenicsarchive. Link , "I, Primate", Biology and Philosophy 17, pp. Link in press, "Preface", in Frank W. Other Philosophy Finally, I have systematic research interests in a few other areas, particularly within metaphysics and the history of modern philosophy esp.

Bart Lenart The critical engagement with ideas and the rigorous analysis involved in philosophical thinking has served me well in transitioning into another field and profession.