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The obelisk has had its admirers and detractors, but many commentators have noted a congruence between the form of the monument and the man it commemorates: "simple in its grandeur, coldly bare of draperies theatric" James Russell Lowell , "a perfect simulacrum of our first president … powerful … eternal … elemental" Richard Hudnut. Allen, Thomas B.

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New York : Discovery Books, Harvey, Frederick L. Washington, D. Government Printing Office, Meyer, Jeffrey F. The Washington Monument's tall, slender obelisk towers above the Mall in the nation's capitol, dominating the skyline.

A grateful public constructed it in the nineteenth century to commemorate George Washington. Federal architect Robert Mills won a competition in with his proposal for a foot obelisk and circular temple at the base. The monument was completed in without the temple and 45 feet shorter than Mills's design.

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Unlike the capitol's other presidential monuments, the Washington Monument is abstract, with no images or words; its power comes from the simple beauty of its form. It has been largely uncontroversial, which is unique for a political monument.

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And unlike the nearby Lincoln Memorial , the Washington Monument has not been the site of any significant political events. Instead, it has stood for over years in quiet solemnity as a proud testament to "the Father of our country. Liscombe, Rhodri Windsor.

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New York , Oxford University Press, Scott, Pamela. Scott, Pamela, and Antoinette J. Buildings of the District of Columbia. New York, Oxford University Press, James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture. In , Congress passed a resolution approving an equestrian statue of George Washington , and in architect Pierre L'Enfant included a site for the statue near the present location of the monument in his plans for the federal city.

Washington, however, objected to the idea. After Washington's death in , plans for a memorial were discussed but none was adopted until , when the private Washington National Monument Society was formed. It was this event that taught me a lesson about being responsible. As we arrived at the station, my family and I exited the train and headed to ground level. From there we proposed a plan.

Washington Monument

After my family and I devised our plan, we sought out the Lincoln. The symbols of this great nation are many. These symbols are immediately recognized by the citizens of the United States and some internationally, however the one symbol that is universally recognized is the Stars and Stripes. It is the symbol of a free nation whose citizens are allowed to strive for the American. Throughout centuries, architecture and monuments have given America the name it has today.

Washington Monument

Some of the oldest forms of art made on American soil hundreds of years ago are what is cherished dearly today. There are over a hundred different statues alone in the US that near and dear to us all but thousands forms of art that makes Americans proud to be called American. United States is a place that underwent plenty of struggles and monumental milestones to make it the powerful land it has become today. Its first designation was as a Forest Reserve in It was not until much later that it became a National Monument.

However, it still had not yet achieved the status of National Park. Although it was a National Park it was still not frequently visited, and only had, approximately, 44, visitors. Honoring the Veterans What is Honor Flight?

What's inside the Washington Monument?

The veterans go to Washington D. The veterans finally get to see the monuments that were built for them. Honor Flight is one the widest known organization that is dedicated to veterans. Since them, works and designs she has created for competitions have been mainly memorials and remembrances based on historical events. Her works are intended to use the natural texture and geology of the space around the monument to its advantage in its creation. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, a non-profit organization, began collecting private funds and donations to create a memorial.

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In , Congress appropriated money to finish the monument and turned to Thomas Lincoln Casey of the U. Army Corps of Engineers. He set to work strengthening the foundation and looking for new marble. With the original quarry near Baltimore gone, Casey ordered stone from a quarry in Massachusetts. The stone arrived, but it did not match.

Another quarry near Baltimore proved more favorable and work commenced, a steam-powered elevator lifting tons of stone to a movable iron frame attached with boom and pulleys. On December 6, , workers maneuvered the 3,pound capstone through a window and into place. When Casey topped the capstone with an 8. The Society wanted every state in the Union represented and sought from each a commemorative stone to be inlaid in the monument wall.

Engraved slabs arrived by rail, sea and ox team, though few came with the hoped-for cash donation.

1. Plans for the monument began even before Washington was elected president.

Stones came not only from states, but from cities and counties, fraternal organizations and community groups, foreign countries and a few individuals. During the early years of construction, from to , 92 commemorative stones were set into niches cut in the interior wall. A stone from the Franklin Fire Company went up at the foot level and one from the German Benevolent Society at 40 feet. The Association of Journeyman Stonecutters sent an elaborate stone designed by an apprentice working for Messrs.