India in my dream essay in marathi

Lack of education is one of the main hindrances in the growth of the nation. The government is making efforts to spread awareness about the importance of education.

India In My Dream Essay In Marathi

However, it should also take steps to ensure that each and every person in the country seeks education. There is a lack of good employment opportunities in the country. Even those who are well-qualified fail to get deserving jobs.

The dissatisfaction level among the unemployed lot is high and they often take the road to crime. I dream of India that provides equal employment opportunities for all so that each one of us works for the growth and betterment of our country. Casteism is another major issue that needs to be worked upon. India of my dreams would be a place where people are not discriminated based on their caste, creed or religion. India of my dreams would be a place where women are given due respect and treated as being equal to men. It would be a place where women safety would be of utmost importance. I dream of India as being a place free of corruption.

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It would be a place where the political leaders would be dedicated towards serving the countries rather than fulfilling their own selfish motifs. India has seen a rapid growth in the field of technology. I want it to grow at an even greater pace and attain newer heights to make its place among the first-rate countries. There should be a fair play and government must ensure equal employment opportunities for all its citizens. India of my dreams would be a country where freedom of equality is enjoyed in its true sense.

I also dream of it as a place that sees abundance of industrial and technological growth. Here are some of the areas that particularly require attention:.

Though more and more women are stepping out of their homes and making a mark in different fields there is still a lot of discrimination against women in our country. From female foeticide to restricting women to household tasks, there are a lot of areas that need to be worked upon.

Many non-profit organizations have come forward to promote women empowerment. However, we still have to work a lot on changing the mindset of the society. I dream of India that sees women as an asset not a liability. I want it to be a place where men and women are treated as equals. India of my dreams would be a place where education is made mandatory for all. The government must go a step further to ensure that no child in the country is devoid of education. Many qualified youths in the country fail to get good employment opportunities. The opportunities are either limited or do not pay enough to the deserving candidates.

This is mainly because of weak industrial growth. There are certain other factors such as reservation that bar the deserving candidates from getting good opportunity. Many of the youths who fail to get good employment opportunities in India fly abroad and put their minds to work for the economic growth of other countries while others roam around unemployed.

The country is still not completely free of discrimination on the basis of caste, creed and religion. It is sad to see how people belonging to the lower and weaker sections are even denied their basic rights in certain parts of the country. Besides, there are various fundamentalist and separatist groups that provoke people to propagate their religion and talk ill about the others. This often leads to unrest in the country.

I dream of India where people are not discriminated based on their caste and religion. Corruption is one of the main reasons why India is unable to grow at the speed at which it should. Instead of making an effort to serve the country, the political leaders here are busy filling their own pockets. I dream of India where the ministers are dedicated wholly and solely towards the development of the country and its citizens.

India of my dreams would be a country that sees all its citizens as equal and does not discriminate them based on any criteria. I dream of a place where women are respected and are seen equal to men.

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I also want India to see advancements in the field of science, technology, agriculture and education in the times to come. India is a country where people belonging to different ethnic groups, castes and religions live amicably. It boasts of a rich, variegated cultural heritage. Though colonized for a long period of time, India has come a long way ever since its independence.

It has seen a huge social and economic growth over the last couple of decades. However, there is a lot of economic and social disparity in the county. People are also looked down upon because of their caste and religious preferences in many parts of the country.


India of my dreams would be a place where every citizen enjoys true freedom of equality. There are a number of areas that our country still needs to work upon in order to grow and develop further. Here is a look at the four key areas that require immediate attention:. Education is the building block for any nation. One of the major drawbacks in our country is that people still do not recognize the importance of education. Those living in poverty or below poverty line particularly overlook the importance of getting educated. They do not realize that lack of education is one of the main factors responsible for their poverty.

The Government is taking steps to ensure that more and more people have access to education by way of promoting the right of free and compulsory education for children and also by opening adult education schools.

India of my dreams would be a place where every citizen is educated and skilled. Gender discrimination is another issue that needs to be worked upon.

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While women are becoming aware of their rights and are doing well in various fields, they still have to fight a number of odds in order to make their place in the society. The birth of a girl child is still considered a curse in many parts of the country. Girls are not encouraged to go for higher studies. Even those who are well-qualified are expected to look after their family post marriage rather than working outside. Key words: India of my dreams, i started to look westto korea, nonetheless the growing, my motherland, rashmie blogs about, ? French and indian war essay papers template.

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